Different Color corresponding to different music samples Different Color corresponding to different music samples


toneTunes is a interactive DJ system that is built using openCV.

DJing is an emerging artform that has gone through many evolutions in the digital age, and yet the same basic constraints in the art of DJing have remained. From analog turntables to digital pads, DJing is still not performative, collaborative, or flexible.

toneTunes aims to overcome these constraints by presenting a very simple DJing platform that allows users to change the pitch and BPM of multiple tracks by detecting the positions of various colors, thereby allowing them to mix and manipulate music any way they choose.

In this way, we present an interface that is completely scalable and flexible. It is up to the user to decide how they will represent color to the camera. We chose to model this with magnetic color swatches, however a user could use anything from balloons to their phones to manipulate music in ways that are fun and unique.

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