Homo Somnum

Homo Somnum is a collaborative project between students of Northwestern University and School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The collaboration features Azusa Matsumoto (MA, Economics), Ann Yu (BA, Philosophy and Computer Science), Samuel Hyunwoo Park (BFA, Art and Technology Studies), and Snow Xu (BFA, Art and Technology Studies).

Homo Somnum is an installation collectively fed by dreams. It’s a space and portal of both entrance and exit, inclusion and exclusion, existence and erasure. Four group members’ brain wave data collected by EEG(Electroencephalography) sensor during dreaming are processed to provide a collective narrative.

Delta, alpha, and theta waves are extracted based on principal components analysis and converted into RGB values, influencing the expression and morphing of lights (Red-delta: NonREM-sleep; Green-alpha: deep relaxation; Blue-theta: REM-sleep, prominent while dreaming). As the emitting ring formally and compositionally resembles the shadow on the floor, this shadow also serves as a reflection of collective dream.

Homo Somnum is the site where light becomes shadow, shadow weaves with dream, and dream is imbued with light.