Proximation Annotations


Proximation Annotations is a data visualization art installation created by Ann Yu and Snow Xu. Proximation Annotations is exhibited at Data Viz Collaborative Exhibition at SAIC’s Neiman Center in December, 2017.

Proximation Annotations records two artists’ physical and cognitive exploration of each other using words. It is a reflection of the factual and subjective embodiment of existence.

During the exploration, both artists are blindfolded and have to use sonic and haptic feedbacks in addition to personal imagination to perceive each other. Body movements are then captured as positional data.

While technically, the data is processed to measure how frequently the two artists touch and move around each other; subjectively, it measures their comfort level to navigate around another person. The two artists also individually provide an index of 40 words, each word representing one stage of interpersonal relationships. Finally, Proximation Annotations is arranged by corresponding the measurement of comfort level with index number of relationship-staging words. It encompasses the growing dynamics between the two throughout time as beating poets with varied transparency across pages.