Project Gulu

Gulu App


Gulu is a P2P consulting platform where Chinese high schoolers mentees meet their perfect American college advising mentors. Danqi and I founded this project back in December, 2016.

We brainstormed, designed, coded and marketed the whole project, leading a team of 7 people. This project has received $10,000 funding from The Garage at Northwestern and served as a trial-and-error experience and inspiration for our later project, Youzi 柚子.

My involvement

  • Founded Gulu and expanded from a team of 2 to a team of 9 people within 3 months
  • Conducted 80 hours of user interviews with potential customers to initiate and update the app design
  • Designed the app wireframes and prototype and cooperated with 3 engineers on the front-end development by providing feedback on the code and the interface design
  • Connected 9 students with college mentors in the pilot bootcamp in the first week of launching

Here are designs made by me from the wireframes brainstorm period:

Wireframe Design Example